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(Note to consumers:  this is third in a series on debunking credit repair and credit restoration myths.  The information contained herein is deemed to be accurate, but not guaranteed) In the first editorial in this series, we defined a myth as:  something you believe because you heard it from someone else or saw it on

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All too often in these economic times, consumers are getting hit with lawsuits from creditors.  Faced with mounting defaults on credit card payments, car loan payments and mortgage payments, creditors (defined as anyone who lends credit or money) are often taking the path of lawsuit rather than working out a payment arrangement. After all, from

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As a responsible parent, it is important to teach your kids about the wonders and pitfalls of money management.  But if you are in financial trouble yourself, how do you teach your kids anything that will have meaning for them?  Remember, just because you are having temporary financial troubles, does not mean that you don’t