Team With KCCS!

Team With KCCS!

For those of you already in the credit repair business, but have not achieved all your goals, perhaps joining with KCCS will be answer to your success! 

For Newbies:  The KCCS Crewmember Program

KCCS will train you to be a credit repair company!  Here is what is included in the crewmember program package:  contracts, sales training, forms, how-to's, governmental program guidelines and how it affects the business, plus two hours of one-on-one with the owner, Donna Perkins. 

Program parameters:  You must be willing to provide KCCS with the back-end production work for a period of 2 years, and sell the KC way!

Why not call us today to find out more about this exclusive, personalized program!  Click Here.


For Experienced CRO's:  

At KC Credit Services, we have two opportunities for experienced credit repair oganizations. 

1)     You concentrate on sales and marketing, and contract with us to provide the back end processing.  Sell your services your way, and trust that the restoration will be done right!

2)     You can become an outside salesperson for KCCS.  Sell to your prospects the KC Way, and turn the customer over to us to handle the restoration work. 

If either of these options sounds good to you, contact us!  Join Today!


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