Testimonial – Lansa J

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July 26, 2010





To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Lansa Johnson, when I came to Donna and her team at Kansas City Credit Services I was very nervous and thought this company was a true gimmick. The truth of the matter is; Donna and her team or experts are the real deal. They were very professional and on top of everything. They walked with me through every step and did not miss a beat from establishing new credit to the removing of most of my damage.

My credit was terrible, especially after being laid-off and going through a divorce and in the 400’s to now up to 619.  She and her team help me restore my credit and given me my security back. My credit records were full of  judgments, collections, late pays and I had filed Bankruptcy.  I just started the program March, 2010 and in just four short months I am now only a few points away from being pre-approved for a home owner’s loan and for this I am grateful.


Lansa Johnson


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