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"In 1998 I was separating from a spouse who left me with substantial credit issues. A former friend of mine shared with me their success with KCCS and I hired them for my own personal credit situation. After experiencing great results, I began to see an opportunity to capture the sub-prime buyers I was turning away and develop residual business through re-financing them once their credit situations were improved. At the time I began working with KCCS I was averaging 7 loans per month. I now am averaging 14 loans per month with most of them coming from referrals. More than this I feel great about helping someone who has had every door slammed in their face now have confidence to qualify for the best rates on the market instead of hearing 'NO' I have seen a huge increase in client loyalty by taking 10 minutes to talk with them about this life changing opportunity. Instead of just closing more loans I am changing people's lives".

Loan Officer from Columbia, Missouri


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