Testimonial – Paul H

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'In 1999 I began to see a noticeable increase in the number of individuals coming to me with credit challenges. I began looking for a resource to aid them with their issues and looked through the Yellow Pages. In 1999 I contacted KCCS and began working with them to get my clients involved with their program. Since we began working together I have seen a 50% increase in my close ratio due to improved credit situations with my prospects. KCCS works to efficiently improve their credit reports and continually reinforces my relationship throughout their time together. This has benefited me through less follow up on my part, increased number of return clients due to re-financing opportunities and a tremendous increase in referrals due to this life-changing service. My customer satisfaction has increased and my personal productivity is much greater due to this relationship. I can definitely recommend this company for loan officers who are looking to have a substantial increase in their closing percentages and decrease in amount of time following up with potential clients who are in the pipeline'.
–Paul H


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