Creditors or Collectors May Be Violating Your Rights!
on June 11, 2013 by in Credit Education, Your Money

If you have ongoing debt problems, you probably are getting creditor or collector phone calls to your home, office, friends or family…which can be a real bummer.

I'll bet you didn't know those collector calls can mean gold for you.  It is probable that one or more collectors are violating your rights.  The only way to prove that and make a case that we can work with is to keep good records.  By keeping accurate records of these calls, and in some cases letters you get, we may be able to sue your creditors and obtain some penalty fees for you.

You can help yourself protect your rights if you keep a record of those calls.  This can be accomplished in one of two ways:

1)  write it down on a log.  Keep this information on the log:  name of caller, company he/she represents, time of the call, start and stop time of the call, what was said during the call, especially if abusive language, threatening language, or untrue/unfair statements are made.  Note the call back number if your phone shows it.

2)  record the call.  Discover whether your phone system or cell phone can record calls, then be sure you hit the record button at the start of the call.  If necessary, have the person repeat what might have been missed at the beginning of the call while you were recording it.

3)  be sure to mention you are recording the call, as required by law.

Keep those records in one place.  When it comes time to do something about it, call us and one of our Credit Concierges(tm) will discuss with you the next steps.  When creditors or collectors violate your rights, it is possible that we can obtain some money for you.  It's about time!

Be sure to ask about our Debt Negotiation services, and our debt relief program for total debts over $20,000 and up to $300,000, including business debts that were signed for personally.


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