Our Guarantee – An Industry First!

Kansas City Credit Services LogoAt KC Credit Services, we have worked long and hard to keep our customers happy, and continuing to refer business to us.  One of the ways we accomplish this is to stand behind our work.  To that end, KC Credit Services is proud to provide an Industry First, 5 Year Guarantee:

KC Credit Services does not, nor is it allowed by law, to Guarantee Specific Results!  That said, each case is different and results may vary depending upon the commitment you make to do what is expected of you.  The KC Credit Services difference comes from confidence in our abilities, our knowledge of consumer laws, and our successful track record since 1991 of helping consumer achieve their financial goals. 

Guarantee Logo

Industry First, 5 Year Guarantee:  If a  removed account with the same creditor with the same account number reappears on TransUnion, Equifax or Experian during the first five years after service has been completed, KC Credit Services will take them on again at no additional charge!  Nobody else provides this length of time guarantee!

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