Trusted Service.  The KC Credit Services Difference!

With millions of deletions to date, and more than 110,000 satisfied customers, KC Credit Services has always stayed on the cutting edge of our industry.  Because of our commitment to your financial health, KC has amassed a huge following of customers.  We encourage you to search the internet for anything you can find about us, and be assured that it is all good!

Whether you are on a quest to get that coveted 700+ score, or just need some help qualifyingfix it button for a mortgage or new car loan, KC Credit Services is here to help.  KC Credit Services offers three distinctive levels of service, as they understand that one size does NOT fit all.  They literally tailor the service to your needs.  Because you get the one-on-one relationship with your Credit Concierge™, you are able to go more in depth with any credit issue you are facing.

So what does trust mean?  How does the word “trust” apply with credit repair companies?

Trust means that you can bank on the statements being made to you.  You will never find KC Credit Services, for example, saying that they can guarantee results.  There are so many variables to each negative item on your credit reports, it takes a master technician to know just how to word the dispute so that the results desired are most likely achieved.  Many of the laws that have been enacted in the past several decades have been enacted to help protect your rights, and KC Credit services uses them to your benefit.  See List.

Trust means that your Credit Concierge™ is constantly on the case!  Trust means that nothing is hidden from you…by way of a 24/7 portal where you can view the progress of your file in real time.

Trust also means that there is no “free lunch”.  The company will expect you to honor your financial commitments, as well as the agreements you made to take action when required.  The company will expect the same trust from you, the consumer.  You can trust that when you enroll with KC Credit Services, they are going to do their very best, using their expertise and experience, to help you achieve your goals.

A good working relationship with KC Credit Services will help you achieve your lifetime financial goals.  KC will provide many products and services that can assist you with specific thorny problems, whether they are debt related, mortgage or loan related.  When you have reached your credit score goals, KC Credit Services will offer you the opportunity to change your life greatly by achieving business credit.  Ask about our $50,000 new business credit guarantee.  Get started today!


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