Credit Restoration Series: Myth #7 My Privacy Will Be Affected By Credit Scoring

Credit MythsPrivacy issues do not come into play with credit scoring. The application that you fill out to obtain credit is actually more encompassing that the amount of information provided to the credit reporting agencies.

So if you are going to have a problem with privacy issues, it will reside with the creditor or lender, not the bureaus.

However, it is important to be sure that you question your creditor to be sure he is adhering to the laws under which he must protect your privacy. So ask the question, and listen carefully to the answer.

Privacy issues are actually much more prevalent with consumers themselves. For instance, standing in line at the pharmacy and having them shout out your private information for the next few people in line to hear is one of the most irritating situations. This can occur in a physicians office, as well, or any place where you must stand in line with others. If you are taking out your ID or credit card, checkbook, etc., and not shielding it from prying eyes, you can cause your own worst nightmare.

Learn how to be security conscious!


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